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    Physical Therapists assist patients rebuild their strength and endurance following an illness or surgery. Physical Therapy includes instruction to patients and their families, care for hip and knee joint replacements, and patient exercises to rebuild strength, balance, and endurance. Work to restore the mobility and strength of patients who are limited or disabled by physical injuries or illness through the use of exercise, massage, and other methods. Physical Therapists often alleviate pain and restore injured muscles with specialized equipment. They also teach patients and caregivers special techniques for walking and transfer.


    Occupational Therapists help patients regain independence in their activities of daily living, including dressing, grooming, and eating. Occupational Therapy is especially helpful during recovery after strokes or injuries of the arm or hand. Help individuals who have physical, developmental, social, or emotional problems that prevent them from performing the general activities of daily living (ADLs). Occupational Therapists instruct patients on using specialized rehabilitation techniques and equipment to improve their function in tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing, and basic household routines.


    Speech Therapists are trained to help patients with improvement of speech and treatment of swallowing disorders. Our Speech Therapists are especially helpful during recovery from a stroke or other neurological problems. Work to develop and restore the speech of individuals with communication disorders; usually these disorders are the result of trauma, surgery, or stroke. Speech therapists also help retrain patients in breathing, swallowing, and muscle control.

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    Respiratory Therapists help people to breathe. But there is nothing simple about the important and even life saving duties of a respiratory therapist. Some of the many complex duties of a respiratory therapist include:
    * Running diagnostic tests on patients
    * Interviewing and evaluating a patient’s respiratory ailments
    * Treating premature infants who cannot yet breathe on their own
    * Treating elderly sufferers of pneumonia, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.
    * Connecting patients who cannot breathe on their own to incubators and closely monitoring them
    * Working with physicians to develop an appropriate healthcare plan for the patient
    * Performing chest physiotherapy a process that removes mucus from the lungs on patients


    Board-certified social workers help patients by assessing their needs and evaluating their qualifications for available community resources. Evaluate the social and emotional factors affecting ill and disabled individuals and provide counseling. They also help patients and their family members identify available community resources.


    Rehabilitation focuses on helping patients regain function and as much independence as possible after a stroke, surgery or injury. This includes learning to live with changes to the brain or body caused by the illness or injury.

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